When I bought my laptop, the first gadget I bought for it – before even the new battery or the wireless networking stuff – was a Kensington lock. For those of you not into laptops, that’s a cable with a loop in one end and a lock on the other: You put the end of the cable through the loop, having first threaded it round an immovable object, then the lock fits into a sepcial slot on your laptop.

The effect, of course, is to anchor your lappy to the immovable object so no-one can steal it – but since having it, I’ve noticed how few places that you might leave a laptop have appropriate immovable objects. My hotel room for example – nothing within reach of the desk has any kind of loopy thing to attach a cable to. I thought the hair dryer holder would work – but it turned out to be a hook, not a loop.

Still, if anyone nicks my laptop, they’ll be easy to recognise…they’ll be the one dragging two drawers full of my underwear behind them.

Anyway, day one of exams is over: I spent the whole time writing so I’ve got plenty down for each answer…it just remains to be sen how much of it was right.

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