Today’s blog was going to be about how rubbish WordPress 2.0 is.

Y’see, my old chum Rockin’ Rob wanted a proper blog, rather than the “Blogspot” one he’d been using. He bought himself a 34sp site, and asked me to install WordPress on it. Now, I’ve got the 1.5.1 installation on my PeeCee and could have copied that across, but decided to give him the latest version, for two reasons:

  • He’s my mate, and the latest version is rumoured to have a photo-upload function built in, and is compatible with the best anti-spam functions
  • It would give me a try-before-you-screw-it-up trial before upgrading my own blog, and Jenny’s

Anyway, I downloaded the appropriate files yesterday, and swore at them for a couple of hours before giving up in disgust – the darned thing just wouldn’t install properly. That was when I planned today’s anti-Wordpress-2.0 blog.

Today I came back and tried again, discovered the blindingly stupid mistake I’d made (repeatedly) in yesterday’s attempts, and had it all going in minutes :-( .

I haven’t played with the photo-upload yet (or even located it), nor have I implemented any antispam measures. And I can’t really say I’m totally convinced – it isn’t as easy to change from the standard look as the version I’m using, but no doubt once I’ve had a play and become familiar with it I’ll change my mind.

But for now, the message is – if you want to install WordPress 2.0, it’s dead easy. Unless you’re stupid :-( .

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