As you can see, I did a bit of off-roading this afternoon: Actually it isn’t really off-roading – this IS the road! Anyway, before any of that I had a Raynet training session at the home of my chum John, in Woodfalls, right over on the other side of the New Forest.

Of course, having gone that far I had to make the best of it – first cache was Hasley Inclosure, where, as well as finding the cache, I picked up a travel bug. It was on the way to the parking for this one that I had to go along the “road” in the picture, although I notice there is an alternative way in which is all tarmac!

I carried on to Church Place, making a four-mile round-trip walk for the afternoon. Then back through the road/river, and a visit to the car wash on the way home. Oh, and the chinese takeaway – I thought I’d earned it!

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