Another Target

I told you, in the end of year review, about my caching target for 2006: An average of six D/T rating points per week through the year.

I’ve also decided to set myself a gym target: The machines in the gym have the facility to show how many calories you’ve burned in the exercise you’ve done – and the treadmills also show distance walked /run, and if you’ve set an incline, height gained. I’m climbing Mount Snowdon by the shortest route (from the Pen y Pass cafe, 3ΒΌ miles and 2330 feet climbed) a couple of times a week, and occasionally I’m adding the longer route (from Llanberis car park, 4.3 miles and 3144 feet climbed) to my repertoire. It’s a bit tricky, the staff glare a bit if you spend longer than half an hour on any one machine, but I reckon if there’s no-one else waiting to use it, that’s fair enough, and once I’m past the half-hour mark I always keep my eyes open and see there’s at least one other treadmill free.

All this is in preparation for a week’s caching in the Lakes with Rob and Miche towards the end of the year, and before that – hopefully – a long weekend on the real Mount Snowdon. That’ll probably be a solo effort – I don’t think The Lovely Miche would enjoy it much and I can’t see Rockin’ Rob wanting to go without her. I might be wrong, though…

Anyway, Target One for the year (the caching one) I’ve already told you about: Target Two is a hundred thousand gym calories in the year. Taking out two weeks for summer holiday (and to keep the maths easy) makes an average of two thousand a week, which ought to be easy: I normally do over a thousand, three times a week, at the moment. Potential barriers are:

  • The gym being full of New-Year’s-Resolutioners for the next few weeks, making it difficult to get on the gear
  • Time-off-sick reducing the number of available gym visits
  • Courses, Hospital Radio conferences, caching weeks away etc reducing the number of available gym visits
  • Better weather for caching reducing the number of available gym visits!

We’ll see how it goes, won’t we…I’ll put a couple of progress graphs on the website as soon as there’s enough progress to make it worthwhile.

Meanwhile – today has consisted mainly of playing with kittens and going to a fabby party: Happy New Year one and all!

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