End of Year Review

Long-term readers will remember that back at the beginning of the year, I set myself a target of averaging three geocaches found per week through the year

As you can see, I achieved that – in fact the “achieved” line was above the “target” line all through the year. I’ve enjoyed doing all those caches, but I’m planning a different kind of target for next year. I’ve had times when I’ve gone for quantity rather than quality, in a need to keep the numbers up: There are loads of caches which include top-quality puzzles, but I’ve been spurning them because they take a whole day to do a single cache, and done several easy ones in the day instead.

Every geocache is rated by difficulty of finding, and difficulty of terrain, each scored on a scale of one to five. So for 2006, the target is to average six D/T rating points each week: So I could do three 1/1 s in a week, or a single 3/3, or a 5/5 would give me nearly enough points for two weeks. It ought to be easier than last year’s target – there aren’t that many 1/1 caches, so most three-cache weeks would score more than six points.

We’ll see how it goes shall we? Watch this blogginess for progress reports. In the meantime, today brought one more to the total: Snow on High Ground, a nice easy cache with a clue that makes it findable even without a GPS – lucky really, as I left mine at home :-( .

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