Fresh Air

Guess what I did this afternoon?

After the slothfulness of yesterday, and with some new local geocaches, there was really only one way to spend the afternoon, finding a couple of caches placed by my chum Nobby Nobbs. First on the list was a short multicache around some woods, Christmas Escape: Dibden Enclosure. I went the wrong way at first, and by the time I realised, the arrow on the GPS was pointing across a bog. Luckily I found a path and a bridge going in the right direction, and after that it was fairly easy.

The other one for the afternoon was Christmas Escape: Kings Copse, a muddy plod through an inclosure: A nice find in the end, though, and I took from the cache a voucher for a free video rental at Blockbuster – I’ll be taking that to Nottingham for the Bank Holiday weekend, I’m sure it’ll come in handy!

I stopped for a trigpoint on the way home, then it was time for a shower and yet more food!

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