Well, that was a lovely diabetic-friendly, low-cholesterol Christmas dinner.

Yeah, right.

In keeping with a tradition of many years, my luvvly Mum and I went for Christmas lunch at the local Beefeater. Starter was Brie, deep fried in breadcrumbs: the main course was a huge piece of turkey and a ton or two of vegetables, including mashed swede made with butter. Christmas pudding was served with a rich brandy butter sauce, and then they brought the mince pies and cheese + biscuits round.

The battery in my blood sugar meter has gone flat – I’m sure there’s a connection. If I should die before today’s out, it’ll probably be either diabetic excess, cholesterol poisoning, or pure gluttonous pleasure.

What a way to go. Here’s hoping your Chrimbo is as fabby as mine.

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