Office Two

Having told you a little about my office-sharing chums Graham and Mike yesterday, I thought today I’d give you a “Graham” story.

Today, the five of us who live in the Portacabin (plus a few interlopers we allowed in to make up the money) had our own breakaway Christmas buffet lunch. Diane – about whom I’ll blog in detail at some future time – organised the whole thing with the same ruthless efficiency she brings to the tea kitty. Her one mistake was trusting Graham with part of the catering arrangements.

On Tuesday, Graham had to go and sort out his car insurance, and the broker he uses is right next to Tescos.
“Ooh, that’s handy” said Diane, “You could go into Tescos and get some coronation chicken to fill the vols aux vents”. Knowing Graham’s general uselessness where anything practical is concerned, she drew him a map of the store, showing exactly where coronation chicken was to be found.

By the time Graham returned he was in high dudgeon, complaining that Diane’s map was useless, and Tesco didn’t have any coronation chicken anyway. He’d had to get breaded chicken nuggets instead…hang on, breaded chicken nuggets? That doesn’t sound like a suitable filling for vols aux vents. Sure enough, he’d bought two trays of chicken nuggets.
“It wasn’t my fault,” he complained, “Diane’s map was useless. Where the coronation chicken should have been, all I could find was little pots of sandwich filling.”

Amazingly, he’s quite good at what he’s paid to do.

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