It’s the shortest day today!

That doesn’t, by itself, do much for me: I’m not a solsticite or anything, but it does mean that tomorrow will be light a bit longer than today was, and in a couple of weeks the evenings will be getting dark noticably later. That means that we’re halfway through the period when caching after work on a Friday isn’t possible! Not that I’m caching-mad, of course – although conceivably I may be – but it’s nice, at the end of another frustrating week, to get out for an hour’s fresh air and getting mud on my boots.

There are some – even some who should know better – who think of caching and being outdoors as being a summer game. But all-year-round caching means you get to see nature in all its glory: Not just the mud, there’s trees in every stage of leafiness; animals and birds I saw as babies back in the spring now big enough to survive the winter unaided. Make no mistake – I love caching, but mainly because it drags me outdoors into the fresh air, and takes me to places I wouldn’t have otherwise bothered to visit.

Of course, rackin’ them numbers up is good too ;-)

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