Of Gadgets, and Impending Anger

I bought another gadget!

Anyone who’s been following the story so far will know that I’ve been fitting out Castle Gottlegog with wireless networking, to enable lappytoppyage and desktoppage to integrate seamlessly. I’ve been wanting to crown the system with a print server – which will mean I can print on the printer upstairs, while I’m lappytoppying downstairs and watching telly. Print servers are a bit pricey, so I’ve been monitoring the “clearance bargains” pages on eBuyer.co.uk to see what turned up.

This morning, one of these turned up – clicky the piccy to see the details. It was considerably cheaper than the normal price, so I’ve ordered one – it should arrive on Friday.

Both Rockin’ Rob and MMM have reassured me that setting up wireless networking is dead easy, but I’ve heard that before: Stand by for some tales of woe and not a little aggression.

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