Odds + Ends

D’you like the new header graphic? I thought something a bit Christmassy was called for.

That’s one of a load of odd jobs I’ve tried to get cleared up today: I’ve also tidied up Jenny’s header which I promised to do weeks ago; painted an “Altoids” tin which is going to be the new container for the cache “A Walk in the Park”, and made the new log book for it. I’ve Superglued the magnets to the back of the painted tin, and I’ve cleaned up the mess caused by an exploding Superglue tube (don’t try this at home, kids).

Part of the reason that I had time for all this is that I scived church this morning: it was only the Nativity play, and I know how that ends so I don’t suppose I’ll go to Hell – well, not for that, anyway. And I AM going to the carol concert this evening…

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