Technermological Update

Yay! PDA improvement!

Those of you who were concerned following my PDA-wifi connectage problems the other night, will no doubt be delighted to know that I quickly got it sorted – in fact my comment on Jenny’s blog last night was posted from the new PDA while snuggled under my leccy blanket! I’ve also maaged to get some of my other favourite bits of software loaded, and the only one that’s outstanding is a comparitively unimportant one that I just forgot yesterday. Once I’ve got all that sorted, I’ll be uninstalling all the non-geocaching software from “Old PDA”, and then I’ve got to take the brave step of ripping it open to install the new battery *shudder nervously*. Then once that’s completed, I’ll have a “Good PDA” (network name “Pickle”) for most functions, and a “Geocaching PDA” (network name “Button”), which won’t matter so much if it falls in a ditch.

OK, I’ll shut up about my new PDA now. Meanwhile, I still haven’t got file sharing working on the new network. I hate Windoze.

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