As you can see, Lord Carter of Stu spent some time fiddling with yesterday’s image – thanks Stu! I’ve also had a sneak preview of some of the pics he took of Jenny’s kittens at the weekend; I even printed a couple out, sadly now our colour laser printer at work appears to have run out of toner so I can’t do any more :-( .

I used to do loads of photography, which is where I developed the eye to spot the potential for a good photo: Unfortunately I never developed the patience to learn what Photoshop could do to improve a picture that’s already been taken. I also never lost the stupidity that makes me do daft things: I used my camera last week during an accident investigation at work, and forgot to turn of the “Date Imprint” function afterwards – all the “Autumn Colours” pics I took yesterday afternoon have got “December 11th” printed on them, I was lucky to remember to turn it off before I took this one.

In other news – it looks like my new shiny will arrive tonight, hurrah hurrah. It’s being delivered to Hospital Radio, where I’ll be busy looking after the studio end of an Outside Broadcast featuring the Royal Marines Band Christmas Concert. Oh, and eating chinese takeaway – we’re having one of our Monday Team Party Nights :-) .

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