Sunday Best

Not up to Stu’s standards, but I rather like this…I was going to Photoshop it to put some natural colour back into the tree, but I prefer it like this, as taken, with the tree in almost-silhouette. It would have been better without the copse in the middle distance, but I left my chainsaw at home.

I took it at the end of an afternoon’s geocaching which had started in the mud of the Christchurch Bay coastline, finding Cache if You Dare. I’ve been past here before for caching purposes, which was lucky – the talking satnav in the car died just before I got to the car park, lucky I knew where I was going. Then it was back across the forest to Wilverley Enclosure – home of many memories from my Scout Leading days – for Ellie’s Wellies: I also managed to drop off the two travel bugs I collected two weeks ago.

In more important matters, of course today is the day that an oil terminal in Hertfordshire caught fire: Of course I feel for the people injured, and those whose homes were damaged in the explosion – but I can’t help thinking of the depot’s Health and Safety person, who I suspect has had a rough day, and won’t be getting much sleep tonight.

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