It’s all been a bit mad today.

I volunteered to help with an event this weekend, and having heard nothing had kind-of assumed I wasn’t needed. This evening my instructions came through, so I’ve been running round like a loony, buying train tickets and making sure batteries are charged and things. I’m also working on a church event this Thursday evening, so I’ve been trying to make sure I’m ready for that too.

It was on the news today, that the Catholic church have completed a report on policy relating to homosexual clergy: Their policy is going to be that non-practising homosexuals can be priests. Now I’m firmly from the loony end of the Anglican stream, so it doesn’t really concern me, but I bet the various pressure groups will have a field day protesting about that.

Which would be odd really, because it’s exactly in line with their policy requiring heterosexuals to be non-practising before they can be priests.

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