A Grand Day Out

You may have guessed from the title that I’ve had a nice day :-) . In fact, I’ve been caching with Rob and Miche, including finding my 400th cache! Then it was on to a pub for lunch, where we met up with some other caching chums.

It was a bit cold today – to the extent that if this day hadn’t been pre-arranged, I’d probably have stayed in bed this morning – but we had a great day and all was much fun. Photos to appear when I get them sorted :-D

So, today’s caches were:
St. Leonards Cache a nice easy one to start us off, only a couple of minutes from the parking place.
Let’s Get This Party Started (revisited), a bit of a trudge through a load of mud, and down a hill and back up again. A really nice hiding place, though, with good views.
Aelfsige’s Allure, the four hundredth! This one’s hidden in some woods near a pretty pond. We had a good thrash around looking for this, when I noticed that Rob and Miche had stopped searching – they’d found it, but thought I had to work a bit for my milestone cache! We also spotted a very tame robin: I hope there’ll be some pics sometime.
JAG 005, a nice easy one alongside a little lane.

I also picked up two travel bugs – Soloman the Simm Card and Gecko

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