Feeling Fuel-ish

According to an ad I just saw on the telly, about four hundred times a year, someone fills a diesel vehicle with petrol.

I’m surprised it’s as few as that, given that in my small circle of chums, I know three people – including me – who’ve done it. The most recent was the excellent SimonG, who was kind enough to entertain us all by blogging about it, but lets be honest – Simon DOES have a reputation for being just a little bit rubbish. A couple of years ago, my good chum Gill started a new job which involved driving a company vehicle, and soon filled it with petrol by mistake. Her boss had a good laugh about it and told her not to worry, loads of the staff there have done the same thing.

Back in the far-ago days of 1990, when I was a Scout Leader person, we had a mega-scout-camp down in Sussex, somewhere near the Kent border. Three troops – from London, Kent and Southampton – got together for a joint thingy, which included activities at venues far removed from the campsite. One morning – I’d guess it was about halfway through the week – I had to take a party to a reservoir miles away for sailing. Just before I left the site, my fellow leader Charles said…and I promise you these were his exact words…“Don’t forget the minibus needs petrol.

Well, what would you have done?

It was only when I presented the receipt to the camp treasurer – by coincidence, Charles – that he explained that “needing petrol” was just a figure of speech, and I should have realised he meant “fuel”.

So how come only four hundred people a year do it?

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