While I was driving to a cache this afternoon, I spotted a van belonging to a firm of fork lift engineers. I can’t remember who the firm were, but their slogan was “The Best Trucks in the British Aisles”. At first I thought I’d spotted the Mummy and Daddy of all spelling mistakes, but then I remembered that in a big warehouse, the spaces between racks – where the fork lifts go up and down – are called aisles. A clever pun – but a shame it’d be lost on most of those who see it.

This afternoon’s cache was Das Stämmchen, a second attempt at one I tried for a couple of weeks ago. I thrashed around in the bushes for a while before phoning a chum who’d found it already, to ask for a hint. It wasn’t really cheating – the hint wasn’t much help, to be honest, as Tim told me “It’s at the thingy of the thingy” (he didn’t really say that, but I’m being careful not to give anything away), which I misinterpreted and looked at the thingy of the wrong thingy. Eventually – after I’d been joined by another cacher, “Bob26″, whom I’d never met before – I thought “I wonder if Tim meant this thingy over here?”. Sure enough, he had done, and I found the cache within seconds.

Mind you, Tim also suggested the approximate dimensions of the cache – and if that’s what he calls eighteen inches, June must have been very disappointed ;-)

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