Today, chums, I have mostly been dilated.

On occasion delighted, but mainly dilated. Don’t worry, I haven’t gone into labour or anything – although I’d be worth a few quid if I had – but I’ve had one of those horrible eye tests where they squirt stinging stuff in your eye, then take photos as you writhe in agony on the ground. Having been warned that I wouldn’t be able to drive for at least six hours after the test, I took the precaution of booking a day’s holiday from work, and it’s lucky I did – it’s not a very nice process. Anyway, camera-operating-lady took the photos, and stared at one of them in concern.

“Ooh dear, there’s something horrible in your right eye”
“A sort of fibrous growth running from one side to the other?
“I know. I was born with it.”

Anyway, results in about ten weeks, knowing the NHS. Meanwhile, for those bits of the day where I could see, I’ve been doing further work on wireless networkification. Everything now seems to be much as I wanted, with the exception of file sharing between PeeCees. Still, I got a copy of Networking for Dummies from the library this afternoon, so I’m sure I’ll have that sorted in no time.

Ooh, and on the subject of books, can anyone recommend a good guide to edible fungi?

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