Internet in a Cold Climate

Well that went better than I might have expected.

I went straight to Rockin’ Rob’s place from work last night – as you’ll know, my wireless networking bits had arrived, so I went to collect them. I’m now the proud owner of the wireless modem/hub/router which I blogged about last week, also a wireless card for the desktop PC and a wireless card for the lappytoppy. I’ve had a wireless card in the PDA for ages, so I didn’t need one for that…

Anyway, it took all evening (except the half hour when I stopped to watch Rough Science1), but before I went to bed I was simultaneously in Simon’s chatroom on the laptop and the desktop, and surfing the web on the PDA – the PDA won’t access the chatroom properly, but it never has, and I think that’s a feature of the chatroom software rather than anything I’m doing. WEP encryption is enabled, so hopefully I won’t be getting pizza-scoffing loons parked outside my house with laptops poncing my bandwidth2, and this morning, within seconds of waking up, I was surfing the net on the PDA while snuggled under the covers in my nice warm bed!

A job for the next few days is to get the router mounted on the wall in what is going to be its permanent location, which will also enable me to get rid of some of the trailing cables around the place – but that mention of my nice warm bed reminds me of a subject that has escaped bloggery so far.

Last Saturday, feeling the cold a bit, I turned the central heating on at Gottlegog Towers – or rather I didn’t. The gas jets roared into life and the hot water works OK, but from the central heating pump – nada. Tuesday saw the arrival of the gasman, who fixed the pump in about thirty seconds – apparently it was sluggardliness caused by the pump having been idle through the summer – and spent the next half hour attaching labels to everything saying “DANGER: This Appliance Must Not Be Used!!! Do Not Remove This Label!!! A Puppy Dog Will Die Every Time You Even Think About Using Your Central Heating!!!”3. Apparently, although the installation is perfectly safe at the moment (and he tested it to prove it), it could become dangerous if a dead pigeon fell down the chimney, so I can’t use any of it until a chimney cap has been fitted and a carbon monoxide detector installed. He’s coming to do that next Tuesday.

It was minus four in Southampton last night.

1 Kathy Sykes isn’t in this series. Don’t think I’ll bother to watch any more.
2 If anyone I know needs to park outside my house poncing bandwidth – ring the doorbell and come in, for goodness’ sake. I might even tell you the WEP key.
3 I may be exaggerating slightly.

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