I forgot to blog yesterday.

Actually, that’s a lie – I didn’t forget, but yesterday was a Hospital Radio day, and by the time I got in I was so knackered – and it was so late – that I couldn’t be ostriched to go through all the hassle of turning the PeeCee on, logging in, composing deathless prose etc etc.

Of course, once I’ve got my luvvly new wireless router sorted out, that won’t be a problem – I’ll compose quality bloggage on the PDA while I’m at the studios, then as soon as I’m home, just log in wirelessly and post. Of course, what all this is leading to is the fact that all the bits and bobs I need for wireless networky routifying have arrived at Rockin’ Rob’s house – but he was too late home from work this evening for me to go round when I finished work and collect it: In fact at the time of writing, he still isn’t home from work :-( .

Oh well – there’ll be other evenings: Meantime, it leaves me a free evening to SimonGify my blog software, in the hope of setting up auto-recovery for crashed blogs (Jenny will understand – she suffered from it the other night!)

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