As part of the afternoon’s caching activity, I was walking along the Test Way south of Stockbridge: This section of the path follows the route of an old railway line, and in places is quite narrow, so that if someone wants to pass, one of you has to step off the path.

I heard the three young ladies (ages 7 – 10-ish) approaching from behind on their bikes some time before they got to me, so was able to pick a good spot for stepping onto the verge to let them through. They were obviously well-brought-up girls, and were polite as they passed:
“Thank you”
“Thank you”
“Thank you”

Then they started to get competitive:

“Thank you even more”
“Thank you more than that”
“Thank you more than she said”

And as they disappeared into the distance they kept it going:

“Thank you more than that”
“Thank you more than anything in the whole world ever”
“Thank you more than anything in the universe”

The funny thing was, as they’d been coming up behind me, they’d been debating the merits of peppermint Aeros. One of them – I think it was the youngest – really didn’t like them, and didn’t even think they should be allowed to be made. I thought that was a bit over the top, myself, although it would be no bad thing if more people thought that way – then maybe my peppermint Aero which I had in the office fridge at work, clearly labelled “Paul’s diabetic emergency food” wouldn’t have been stolen.

Anyway, the afternoon’s caching started with Quantum Leap: The Treasure, a new cache by my chums Tim and June, and which they told me about at the firework party last weekend. I’d planned to go and get it last Sunday, but Jenny told me I wasn’t well, and the weather forecast was rubbish, so I shouldn’t be so flippin’ stupid. So I did it today instead. From there, I walked along the Test Way (but not the bit mentioned above) to The Cow Pat Cache, in the process finding the cow pat the cache was named after. Yeurch! Still, a paddle in the river soon cleaned my boots off. Finally, another section of the Test Way (which was the bit where I met the cycling ladies) brought me to Steampixies.

And then I stopped at the White Hart for a quick Diet Coke, and then I went home.

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