Double Feature

Long-term readers will know that I’ve had my current mobile phone for nearly a year and a half.

One of the amazingly useful features it has, is “call waiting”: If someone rings while I’m on a call, the phone rings, at much reduced volume, over the current call: I can then decide whether to put the current call on hold, make the new caller wait, or whatever. An amazingly useful feature for a busy, popular lad like me.

Today, after eighteen months, call waiting activated for the first time. I was waffling to one of my Hospital Radio chums (moaning about another of our Hospital Radio chums, but that’s beside the point), when Jenny phoned me: She had some exciting news (in fact so exciting that it deserves capitalisation…Exciting News…there we go), but I’ll leave that for her to blog about.

Anyway, at the time these two folks phoned me, I was on my way home from the New Forest, where I’d recovered the camera in my fabby Bloggers’ Bog cache, and gone on to find another cache, Smuggler’s SandWitch. So that was a nice day.

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