Not, as you might think, a moan about my least-favourite feature on my fabby Gruntmobile – although it’s true I wouldn’t choose to have automatic transmission again.

Instead, a comment about my PDA: It has a charging cradle which I drop it into at night, and it charges the battery so it’s fresh and ready to go in the morning. The cradle is also connected to the PeeCee, so that they can connect together and update files and things, so that both the PeeCee and the PDA have the most recent version of the address book, calendar and so on. This happens automatically whenever the PeeCee is turned on and the PDA goes into the cradle.

Annoyingly, there’s also some kind of intermittent feature where sometimes, if I put the PDA in the charging cradle when the PeeCee isn’t turned on, it switches itself on so it can do the update routine. Of course, because Windows™ is a pile of poop, I can’t just turn the PC off as soon as it goes into its bootup routine – I have to wait for it to cycle up and sort itself out, just so it can shut down1. It didn’t used to do that, and it doesn’t do it all the time – I’ll have to have a dig around and see if I can find the cause.

In other news…
Sickness Stats: Felt rubbish most of yesterday, much better (and so far, little sinus pain) today.
Mum Stats: She had a rather unpleasant test last week, and was warned that she might get an infection as a result of the test. They were right.

1 In case you’re wondering, I run Windows™ at home because I need my home software to be compatible with what I use at work. If the day ever comes that I don’t need that, I’m scrapping all Gates-related products and following the Penguin.

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