It’s been an expensive couple of days at Castle Gottlegog.

My credit card bill came yesterday, and gave me a bit of a shock – luckily quite a lot of what’s on there is expenses which I can expect to get back fairly soon (please John? :-) ), but my lovely Lappytoppy was there too, and no-one’s going to reimburse me for that. Added to which, I’ve given Rockin’ Rob my Ebuyer order for the bits needed to wireless networkify the stately mansion1, and he’s going to want a cheque in the next day or so. A spare lappytoppy battery is also winging its way to me, and I’ve just sent a mass order to Cats Protection for this year’s Chrimbo cards.

Mind you, I’ve found a fabby wireless network thingy – it acts as a wireless hub, and a router, and an ADSL modem, and a four-port wired hub, AND it’s got flashing lights. What more could a boy ask for? A print server, obviously – but that can wait till after Christmas.

Sickness Stats:
Nose and chest: Not bad
Sinuses: Feeling sledgehammered.
And tomorrow I’m having a flu jab, so apparently it’s all going to start again.

1 So we share the postage costs – he’s putting an order in as well

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