No, not the noise made by my stomach…well, not normally anyway. Back to work after the long weekend and boy did it hurt. Getting up, having to stay awake all day, dealing with all the pointless queries that have cropped up over the weekend…

Then after work, I had a committee meeting to go to just ten minutes drive from work, and two and a half hours to fill. I filled some of it by working late, clearing some of the backlog, and I filled some more of it by having my tea from a local fast food place.

And then I took my new four wheel drive off-roading for the first time!

OK, it was only a very gentle, short bit of off-roading but it was my first attempt: For those who know Southampton, it was the bit of dirt track that goes from near the Concorde Club, through the ford, then through to Eastleigh Lakeside Railway: For the cachers, it’s the bit of track by which Trains, Planes and Little Trains used to be located. So now my lovely clean car needs cleaning again!

Then we did the committee meeting, which went very well, and now I’m at home and about to go to bed. Night night!

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