Round Up

Some of you will have noticed I didn’t blog yesterday. This was partly inertia on my part, and partly that I had nothing interesting to tell you.

Today, I noticed that I haven’t given you October’s stats roundup yet. Last month’s theme continued unabated, with a whole 88 hits on the site coming from Google (and other) searches for “Horrible”. Between them, the phrases “Horrible pictures”, “Horrible images”, “Horrible picture” and – a new entry – “La Horrible” accounted for a further 17.

Among the minor contenders, “Hospital Radio South Tyneside” brought two visitors, as did “Hiding in a bush”, “Happy birthday bald” and “Gottle”.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday bring the most visitors, and most of you are dropping in at nine in the morning or nine in the evening, although there’s a good spread through the day. Identifiable servers in use by visitors seem to belong to Stu and Sarah, Marie and John, Kitty Hawk, Andy the Bear, and one that may be SimonG. The rest of you are using servers that seem pretty anonymous.

In total, there were just over eight thousand visits to the site, and a total of thirty-seven thousand pages were viewed. Total traffic through the site was just over half a gigabyte.

I’m going to a party tomorrow so hopefully tomorrow’s blog will be a bit more exciting :-)

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