Numerous Occurrences

So, what’s been going on that I haven’t told you about already?

Well, first and most important is an addition to our blogging buddies: Over there in “My Blogging Chums” you’ll find a link to “The Bogof Blog”, my good chums John and Marie – regular readers will remember I went to Sunderland for their wedding anniversary in May, and they’re the organisers of the biannual Hospital Radio conferences. Their blog seems to be mainly about pizza and wine so far…

OK, so I’ve been on a course: I told you we had team bonding on Wednesday – here’s a pic of our victorious Pub Quiz team “The Risky Business”, wearing our prizes:

L-R: Nick, Dawn, Brendan, Chris, Kevin, Graham, Gottle

Notice how Nick lived up to his name by nicking the polo shirt from the pile.

Oh, and while I think of it, I told you last Sunday that I did the fabby cache Ghosts of Hampton Gay: The pic I took of the church near the cache is a bit rubbish, so here’s a better picture of another church I passed on the walk to the cache:

And today on the way home I had a second, and this time successful, attempt at the cache Larking About!.

And in other news: Yesterday evening I met my New Wine chums Heather, Georgia and Colin at a chinese restaurant and we had a lovely time. The “Chesty Cough” medicine sold me by the pharmacist yesterday seems to have made my cough worse. And to finish on an upbeat note, Happy Anniversary to Jenny and Chris, who’ve been engaged for one whole year!

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