Haunted Hotel

This hotel in which I’m staying is quite funny.

It’s the same hotel where all the other courses have been held, so we’ve been coming here for years: Greg, Dawn and I remember the restaurant manager when she was the work experience girl! The hotel is in two parts – the old part, also known as the Garden House, has what could charitably be called the “coach drivers’ rooms”: A bit small, not very well lit, and allegedly haunted. The new part has larger, airy rooms, with desks large enough to use a laptop and a mouse at the same time.

Guess which part of the hotel I’m in?

The Garden House rooms are separatefrom the rest of the hotel, so I have to walk across the garden to get to the restaurant, bar, classroom and the bit of the hotel where wi-fi works. But it was only while going to breakfast this morning that I discovered the hard way that it had rained really hard in the night.

If I stay here again, I’m bringing my wellies.

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