Diploma-tic Immunity

Sorry about the rather naff title, but today was day one of the last module of the diploma course. Gahhh. Rather frightening to discover how much I’ve forgotten about one of the subjects, in which I’m supposed to be qualified as an external assessor. What was nice to discover, was that I’ve been on previous courses with all except one of the current mob. I also discovered that the assignment I failed recently had a national pass rate of 23% – so at least I’m not the only stupid one.

Anyway, I mentioned yesterday my trip to Studley Baptist Church: what I failed to mention was how dramatically I got lost on the way there – annoyingly, I discovered on the way back that I’d nearly arrived before I decided I’d gone wrong, and turned round to try another route.

You may be wondering how someone who owns five GPSs can get so badly lost – well, forgetting that you’ve loaned your CF card GPS, the one you need for “talking satnav”, to your mate, is a good starting point. Rob, I hope you’ve still got it, ‘cos if you’ve given it back, I’ve lost it :-(

Right, time for homework – if I’m lucky I’ll finish this lot in time for “Waking the Dead”.

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