Nefarious In-Tent

My luvvly Mum took me out to lunch today, on account of tomorrow being my birthday. We went to the Mucky Duck and both ate far too much.

If you were reading earlier in the week, you’ll remember that I found all of the clues for the geocache Geovial Pursuit, but being sans GPS was unable to finish off. When I say I found all the clues on Tuesday, that’s only slightly true – at one location, there were two possible answers and they both made sense, so this afternoon I had two locations to try out.

Most caches come with an encrypted clue, so that if you’re sure you’re in the right area, you can decrypt the clue and get a bit of extra help in finding the cache. The clue for this one begins “In a tent formed by…” and goes on to describe various bits of vegetation. At the first potential co-ordinates, I had a thrash around, and found some vegetation that fitted the clue – and in the vegetation, as the picture shows, I found – a tent! Needless to say, I was a bit suspicious about handling it too much: It looked and felt like some homeless person’s shelter for the night, but it just might have been something much less innocent.

A quick phone call to Andy the Bear – who found it last week – confirmed that I should have been looking at the other potential co-ordinates, so I hied myself off there, and soon found the cache. And, as you can see, somebody’s lunch. That’s a piece of pitta bread by the foil wrapper, by the way.

Tomorrow I’m back in Stratford-upon-Avon for another week’s course: Hopefully this time I’ll get to meet up with JG and Ned – although knowing my luck they’ll whizz off on their delayed hollibobs as soon as I get a free evening.

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