Sunny Day 2

I really don’t want to blog tonight…as I’m sitting here typing this, over in the chatroom they’re discussing breast pumps, and writing about my day simply can’t compete.

Oh OK, I went to work, there was a meeting, I did my action points and went home. Then I went to Hospital Radio via Tesco, where I bought some birthday cards.

Ah…confession time. Andy and Chris, for some reason I was convinced that if I bought your birthday cards today and posted them first class tomorrow, they’d get there in time. That was silly wasn’t it?

Speaking of post…I received a letter today (April 15th) which was posted on March the sodding 31st! Grr.

Oh yes, and the other confession…Rob, my Hospital Radio co-presenter has promised that if I don’t tell you all this, he’s going to post it in the comments where you can all see it. Y’see, I showed him the text message that woke me early yesterday morning, forgetting that it had started with the phrase “Evening, Pompey Pixie…”. The text was from Jenny, and at the recent Hospital Radio conference I made the mistake of telling her that if she had two desserts (as she was contemplating) she’d soon be a “fat little pixie”, and the thing of calling each other “pixie” kind of stuck.

Anyway, I’d rather be a pixie than a…um…what we normally call Rob!

OK, that’ll have to do, the breast pumps are just getting interesting…

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