Hospital Radio Conference

I blogged a while ago about the Paulsgrove Estate, north of Portsmouth: Recently placed second in the ďBritainís Chavviest Neighbourhood??? competition, itís famous as the home of the mob who burned down the home of a paediatrician, not knowing the difference between that and a paedophile. Luckily the conference travels didnít take us anywhere near the estate, but one of my Hospital Radio chums, at lunch on Saturday, described it as ďThe sort of place where, if you leave a horse unattended, youíll come back to find it on four piles of bricks???.

Needless to say, a visit to a strange new town (and they donít come much stranger than Pompey) is an excuse to go geocaching: Thereís only one cache anywhere near here that I havenít already done, so I led the expedition in search of Stone Moat: We didnít find it, but we enjoyed the search, and got very muddy. We also found ďShopping??? Ė a bit less of a challenge, since I found it months ago, but I didnít give the others any help and they found it without trouble.

On Saturday afternoon, in a break between meetings, I discovered that my Ickle Godsonís Mummy is ďJoint Rubbishest in the Whole World??? at Crazy Golf. Sadly, Iím the other joint rubbishest, and we drew the round on about a million strokes each Ė oh, and if anyone can explain how you can lose a ball playing crazy golf, the course attendant wants to know.

I think thatíll do, really Ė Iíll treat you to some photos of the weekend once I get round to it.

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