I heard about a theft that happened in Eastleigh the other night.

There’s this company (let’s call them Sausages-R-Us), who have a large fleet of lorries making daily deliveries of their product to customers.

A few years ago, the Sozzies-R-Us distribution people decided this was an opportunity to branch out (improving job security for everyone), and they started doing third party deliveries on behalf of a firm who supply goods to small independent grocers. The small stores are generally on their routes anyway, so there’s little extra cost involved: The firm do a bulk delivery to the Sozzies’ distribution depot, where it’s split down and allocated to the routes it needs to go on.

Obviously this makes a bit of a security issue – the normal product has such a low unit value, it isn’t really worth stealing, but the small store deliveries tend to include high value items like bottles of alcohol and packets of cigarettes. Anyway, apparently on Monday night, two guys went onto Sozzies’ site, broke into a portacabin and stole two hi-viz jackets with the company’s name on the back, then drove their car round to the despatch bay and loaded up 7 grands worth of ciggies! Several of the staff spoke to them, but because of the jackets assumed they were temporary staff working in other departments.

It reminded me of when I used to work for the carpet factory. Carpets were stored in the warehouse in huge roll: The lower-value stuff was shipped out to retailers by the roll, but the better quality stuff could be cut to the size of your room and shipped directly to your house. Traditionally, the cutters used to work like mad on Friday afternoons cutting stuuf, and leave it for loading and despatch on Monday – I suppose it was to give them an easy start to the week. Anyway, it started to be noticed that stuff was going missing over the weekend – this was expensive, top-quality carpet and was worth nicking. Eventually the thefts reached the level that “Something had to be done”.

What was done, was that on Friday afternoon, one of the articulated lorries was reversed into the warehouse, loaded with carpet, and locked. I’m sure you can guess what happened.

They stole the lorry as well.

I shan’t be around much over the next few days – expect major Bloggy Update on Monday

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