OK folks, I know it’s late…this is Sunday’s blog for Saturday. You’ll get Sunday’s blog later, although if the weather doesn’t improve a lot there isn’t going to be anything worthwhile to blog about.

Yesterday morning I got up. All I had to do was get ready to go out, and drive to a nearby beauty spot in time to meet with some friends, and I had 3 hours to do the getting-ready bit. So I decided to have a quick look at the new PuzzleDonkey. Needless to say I ended up rushing around at the last minute, having a temper tantrum because there was nothing in the house suitable for barbecuing, and turning the caravan inside out looking for my supersoaker.

I’d hoped to do a geocache on the way to Farley Mount, but spent the time in Waitrose instead buying barbecue goodies.

For the non-geocachers I should explain that yesterday was international cache-in trash-out day. Cachers are supposed to observe CITO all the time when caching, but CITO day is when we make an extra-special effort, so a crowd of us had arranged to meet at Farley Mount, a Hampshire beauty spot, and pick up loads of rubbish. Our litter picking team was me, of Team Tate, and Rincewind and Luggage*, and we picked up 3 sacks of other people’s litter between us, and had fun as well.

Which brings me to a conundrum: Quite a bit of the litter we picked up was in the form of something (we didn’t investigate), placed inside polythene bags with the tops tied, and thrown in a bush. Now…if people make the effort to put their unhygienic rubbish in a poly bag and tie the top…why don’t they go the last step and put it in a bin?

Anyway, we then lazed around not doing much (although the energetic ones played games), then we had a barbie. Then we went for a walk in the woods (night geocaching being discouraged on Hampshire County Council land, this was JUST a walk in the woods), then I was knackered so I went home. It had been a lovely day, and I’m sure the fresh air helped drive away some of whatever this lurgy is that I’ve still got.

There are some pictures here.

And this morning I didn’t get up until gone 10 AM. I still seem to be the first to blog, out of those who were there yesterday, though**.

*I suppose I should blog about geocachers’ team names sometime soon.

**Wrong. Apologies to SimonG for suggesting his sluggardliness.

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