You Couldn’t Make It Up

A couple of weeks ago, I had an e-mail from a fairly new team of geocachers. It was a bit odd really: “You may think it strange, but you say you’re involved in Hospital Radio, and you mention Nottingham a lot: I wonder if you know Jenny and Adrian?”.

Regular readers will know that I do indeed know a Jenny in Nottingham, although most won’t know that her ex’s name is Adrian. It therefore seemed likely that we were thinking of the same couple – especially as they mentioned the surname in their e-mail – and so I responded in that vein. It turns out that Stuart used to work with Adrian before they moved to Nottingham, and that Jenny had taught Lynda the “Saturday Night” dance – not that that proves anything, Jenny taught most of the South of England the Saturday Night dance, including a crowd of 5000 at Winchester Fireworks one memorable night.

Anyway, the other evening in the gym, I was busy giving it some LAAARRGE on the treadmill1, when the lady on the next machine asked “‘Scuse me, are you Paul?”. That isn’t the first time that’s happened to me in the gym, but that’s a whole other story, and one I might tell you one day, if I can work out a way to get the salient points across without breaking confidentiality. On this occasion, after I confirmed that I was (and still am) Paul, she announced that she was the Lynda mentioned in the above story – she’d guessed that I went to the same gym as her, from some of the stories I’ve told about it here, and had been watching for someone who looked like me.

Small world, innit?

Ooh, I knew there was something else – I had to go to the NHS walk-in centre yesterday, to have a blood test done. I’ve never paid much attention before (mainly because it isn’t easy with your eyes screwed shut), but yesterday I was feeling brave and kept my eyes open: The strap that the nurse puts round your arm before taking blood was decorated with little pictures of vampires!

1 Excellent training for geocaching

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