As Promised…

Not much happened today really.

I spent the day sorting out my stuff from yesterday…although to be fair this did include assembling a web page to display photos from yesterday’s excitement. I also wrote a members’ newsletter for a group of which I’m the Controller, but this mainly consisted of “There’s no news, so read last week’s newsletter again and pretend it’s got today’s date on it???.

Anyway, I promised you a bit of blog about geocachers’ team names didn’t I? Some cachers just use real names…Tim and June, Anne and Brian, and Paul and Judith, for example. Paul and Judith are also Pompey fans, so they’re doubly nice people. Other cachers name themselves after pets…Bracken’s Bunch are named after one of their dogs, Geoff and Bonnie and The SpottySpaniels are likewise named. NattyBooshka are named after their hamsters, Natalia and Babooshka.

Then there are those who take their names from literature…Omally is named after a popular fictional character (a bit of a drunken rogue, actually), Rincewind and Luggage after others. Plaid Dragon named herself after her love of fantasy literature.

Then there are those of us who call ourselves after other hobbies or bits of our lives – I’m Paul GØTLG because of my ham radio callsign, The Gavotteers are dancers, and Amy and Adam’s Dad is, um…Amy and Adam’s Dad.

So there’s a summary of why some of us choose the daft names we do. And who knows…there may yet be wholemeal bread blog one day.

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