Bear Necessities

Yesterday, believe it or not, I was a bit rubbish.

Not as rubbish as SimonG, of course – no-one’s that rubbish, after all1 – but about as rubbish as someone who phones the doctor’s surgery and has the following converation:
Me: “Hello. I’ve been sent an appointment for an annual health check, and I’d like to change the date please”
Them: “Of course sir…what’s your name and what colour is the letter?”
Me: “My name’s Paul Gottlegog, and it’s pale blue”
*Various comedy sound effect paper-rustling noises*
Them: “When would you like your new appointment to be?”
Me: “A fortnight today please – September 30th
Them: “September 30th?”
Me: “Yes please”
Them: “Your appointment already is September 30th
Me: “No it isn’t, on my letter it says…oh…I’m sorry to have wasted your time”

I was also as rubbish as someone who discovers that he’s lost the memory card out of his PDA: I remember that as I was getting in the car to drive home from work on Thursday night, it fell out of the belt clip and crashed to the ground, but as I was on the phone, getting the latest Jenny-being-bitten-by-big-scary-doggy update, I just picked it up without checking it was complete. It isn’t a major disaster – the data is all backed up elsewhere – but it’ll cost a handful of crisp fivers to replace that I’d have preferred not to spend.

Any old how, after all that rubbishness, something had to go right, so I headed off to find the geocache The Bear Necessities of Life, by my chums Tim & June, whom I’ve blogged about previously as being among the nicest cachers you’d ever meet: They’re also the parents of our blogring chum Loretta…but that doesn’t make them bad people. I didn’t use the parking they recommend for the cache, because that gives a walk of about thirty feet: Instead I parked in a small layby and did a round-trip walk of about 2 miles, seeing on the way the view in the pic up above. Having found the cache, I phoned them to tell them where I was:
June: “Ooh, come round for coffee”
Me: “Great, where are you?”
Bear in mind here that with the card from the PDA missing, I have no talking satnav or Memory Map to help :-(
Tim: *Gives rubbish directions based on the fact that he thought I was parked in a different layby to the one I was really in*
Me: *Drives round and round Winchester for hours 2, but gets there in the end*.

And fun was had by all, and I met their fabby cat, Willow. Oh, and KronA as well!

1 Except SimonG, obviously
2 May be more percent of exaggeration than fact.

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