…is a word from the Harry Potter books, used to describe a non-magical person. More importantly, it’s been taken on by the world of geocaching to describe a non-cacher, and “Muggle Trouble” is where you know where the cache is, but can’t retrieve it easily because there are muggles watching. Of course this didn’t ought to be a problem, but you never know when a muggle is going to be the sort of person who’d disapprove of caching (even though caches are only ever placed with the landowner’s permission) and take a cache away and trash it. Sadly, this happens much too often – one of my caches was stolen twice before I finally gave up on it, and I’m not the only one it’s happened to.

As the picture shows, at the cache I did this afternoon, not only were there muggles everywhere, they even had spy-in-the-sky apparatus! Actually the model-aircraft guys were no problem – it was the carload of people watching the very tree where the cache was hidden that bothered me: The cache was Trains Planes and Automobiles – rather confusingly, one of two in Hampshire with almost the same name! This one is in the New Forest, and involves finding two micro-caches, which between them tell you the co-ordinates of a final “big” cache: The second of the micros was hidden near the tree under muggle observation – I retrieved it by pretending to have dropped something, and scooping it up, but re-hiding it involved picking and eating rather more blackberries than I really wanted to, and faking an almost fanatical interest in photographing the flowers on the bramble bushes.

Then I walked to the main cache and back – a four mile round trip – and then went home.

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