And another thing…

Of course, when I said yesterday that I’ve only got 18 more caches to find, for this year’s target – I kind of forgot that finding those 18 would leave me only 16 short of my next century. Oh well.

I called at a friend’s house last night to collect some stuff: I’d never been there before, but I’d been warned what to expect and even so I was impressed – I have NEVER in all my life seen a flat filled with so much stuff! Even the bathroom is packed with stuff to the extent that Brian has to move stuff out onto the landing when he has a shower. The living room is best summed up in Brian’s own words – “Those twelve video recorders are going in the skip when I get round to it – these are the six I’m keeping”. He’s got a fine collection of reel-to-reel tape decks as well, including one of my favourites, the Revox B77.

Then I went to a church group meeting.

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