Homeward Bound

Well, home in fact, but that isn’t a song title.

What’s so great about having a digital camera1, is that when a great picture presents itself, you can take loads of shots, and just pick the best one later. No film is wasted because the memory card can just be erased and used again :-) .
This theory tends to fall over when you get home after, for example, a week in Stratford-upon-Avon and find you’ve taken forty-seven pictures of a duck. Not “of ducks”, but of the same duck. OK, she did look fairly cute with about twenty million ducklings scampering around her, but that’s a bit excessive. I’ve no idea if this one I’ve presented you with is the best, I just picked one that wasn’t obviously overexposed and uploaded it.

And here’s one of me relaxing after a day of struggling with the Health & Safety implications of the Consumer Protection Act and the Service and Sales of Goods Act. I only realised after I’d checked out that I’d missed out on loads of bloggy potential in the fact that my room was 101: I suppose being in Stratford I was thinking Shakespeare, not Orwell.

Mind you, I wasn’t thinking Shakespeare that much either: Once I’d booked in on Sunday and sorted myself out, I took a stroll down to the theatre to see what was on, and decided to go and see “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” on Tuesday (they show a different play each night). Unfortunately I then forgot about it until Wednesday morning, when the people on the next table at breakfast were discussing what a great production it’d been.


1 Apart from the obvious fact that it’s a gadget, of course

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