Long Weekend

Well, Saturday went well: I had a meeting in Studley to go to, so I made sure I left early enough to stop for a geocache on the way. The latest variety of cache is called an earthcache, not a cache in the true sense, but an interesting geographical feature of some kind which you have to visit, and post photos to prove you’ve been there. There aren’t many in the UK yet, and I hadn’t yet done one, so I stopped in Oxford on my way through, and visited Rock Edge – not only my first earthcache, but my 100th cache of 2005.

The meeting was fun, meeting up with some chums I’ve not seen since last August, then when it finished I had time for a couple of nearby caches: First was Freddy the Teddy, only just up the road from where we had the meeting, then I went over to Feckenham1 to do Berrow Hill, which as the name suggests involves a fair climb.

Then rather than going home, I spent the night at Stratford-upon-Avon youth hostel: I’ll explain why in the “Sunday” section of this offering.

Oh – I guess that means now. Tomorrow2 is the first day of my next course module, so tonight I have to be in the hotel in Stratford-upon-Avon. Driving all the way home yesterday, just to turn round and come back today, would have wasted a lot of potential caching time, so I decided to stay locally.

As for the rest of Sunday, well let’s just say that if you’re one of those who don’t like caching blogs, stop reading now – although before you go I must just mention how sorry I am to have missed the birthday party of Ickle Godson Daniel. Anyway, today’s “must do” cache was Blog Standard: Panorama, one of the Blog Standard series of which my own Bloggers’ Bog is one. Then it was on to the nearby Alpha Quest: M, which was a bit tougher than expected. After lunch it was St. Peters Corner, a rather tricky micro: Close to the Edge, a multi well protected by GPS-defeating tree cover, and Edge of the Hill. And now I’m in the hotel which is going to be home until Friday, and it’s time to eat.

1 *Checks spelling carefully*
2 Or more likely today, for most of you reading this. Monday, anyway.

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