Smelling Pistakes

Right, so if that’s a sign of how much care they take over advertising themselves, why should I trust them with my business?

I saw another one like that a few months back, in the window of a different letting agency. It proclaimed “Properties wanted for awaiting clients”. The funny thing is, that sentence could almost mean something, but not what they wanted it to mean, I’ll bet. I don’t want to sound like an old fogey, bemoaning the way standards are slipping, but surely between the shops concerned and the printers who made the signs, there must be someone with a reasonable standard of literacy? We had a rash of signs went up at work a few years back, saying things like:

“Do not wedge this door open”

Just like that – including the speech marks. I think someone must have written to the printers saying ‘I want a sign that says “Do not wedge this door open”, please’, and that’s exactly what the printer made.

I hope to have some exciting news about my new geocaching signature item soon…

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