A Right Shower

I blogged rather later than usual last night.

Then I went for a shower. You’ll remember that the proper man came and fitted the new shower only a few weeks ago, so I wasn’t expecting it to fail just yet. I should’ve known better. The shower was fine, but once I’d finished I pressed the button on the front to turn it off. Nothing, water continued flowing. To cut a long story short, I ended up taking the front cover off to turn the whole thing off – now for some reason I can’t get the damned thing back on again. So it’s back to baths (which I don’t particularly like) and showering over the gym again.

Yet again, I find myself asking for help with wildflower identification: I really ought to buy a better book, the problem with the one I’ve got is that, like a dictionary, you can only look something up once you already know what it is. Anyway, any ideas in the comments, please. This one is growing in the rather scrubby cutway behind my house, along with nettles and other nasty things. I’ve also got one – which must have self-seeded – in the garden.

You’ll also remember that on Wednesday this week, I was first to find the new cache planted near my house – this morning this rather fabbo certificate dropped through the letterbox. The cache owner is a chap called Easy Rambler: His first ever find was my cache A Walk in the Park, he’s since found all my others that are still out there, and he works with a friend of mine – I suppose we may even meet one day! Anyway, nice one Martin, thanks a lot. As soon as I can find where I put the nails, it’ll be going up on the hobby room wall.

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