Sunny Sunday

Does anyone know what this is? They’re everywhere at the moment, but I can’t find them in my wildflower book, and any assistance would be gratefully received!

Anyway, a steaming hot day today, and I celebrated the good weather with a few caches. The picture – me with Hampshire in the background, etc, – is at Cache Bang Wallop!, a multi-cache involving a walk around the Royal Armouries Museum. An interesting visit, and best of all, it’s free! I had some trouble with one of the clues, but a bit of intelligent guesswork told me where I’d gone wrong, and it was sort-of plain sailing thereafter.

After that it was just round the corner to Padworth’s Cash Cache, a nice simple find with some friendly ‘osses on the way, and a HUUUUUGE monument to look at. Then it was back to the car and up the road to The Cache of Bere, which turned out to be today’s fail-to-find. I met some other cachers there – I forgot to ask their names, but they may have been the Teall Bimblers. They had also given up!

Not wanting to end on a sour note, I finished the day with an easy find at STUMP!, a brilliant walk along the upper reaches of the Hamble. And then I went home.

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