Yesterday afternoon I had an appointment at the Rubbish Hospital

They’ve been phoning me for weeks, pestering me to go in for a post-op consultation, so I finally gave in and went along. Bear in mind this isn’t a quick trip, from work it takes a good 45 minutes to get there, so it basically wipes out an afternoon by the time you’ve allowed for “Getting stuck in traffic” time and “Sitting in the waiting room” time.

The consultation itself took about two minutes.
“What can I do for you?”
“You called me in for a post-op consultation”
“Did we? Oh. So, how is everything?”
“Fine, I’m really please with how well it worked”
“Oh good. Bye then”
It wasn’t quite that brusque – he was actually very apologetic, saying they shouldn’t have dragged me all the way up there for a consultation that could have been done by phone. As I said the day I had the operation, I think really they’re a very good hospital with a rubbish admin department – and anyway, as the picture shows, any hospital where you find a friendly pussy cat snoozing in the sun, in the flowerbeds next to Outpatients, can’t be THAT rubbish.

So anyway, I was out of the hospital at the time I was supposed to be going in, and I’d already arranged to have the remainder of the afternoon off work. Whaddya think I did next?

First for the afternoon was Along Our Lane, a really nice walk along a country lane, combined with a fight through some rather enthusiastic greenery to get to the cache itself!

Next was Hey Dude Where’s My Car (Keys)?, which I’d been meaning to do for ages. The views from the Iron Age hill fort are amazing, and this is another that should be on every cacher’s “to-do” list. Probably not so nice in rough weather, but yesterday it was great.

I’ve blogged before about failing to find the final part of Little Toe’s Trilogy part 1, and since I was in the area I went back for another look. With some telephone assistance from my mate The King of Sweden (who has found it), I’m pretty sure it isn’t there any more: When I was there last year the greenery had been cut back really severely and I think whoever did that took the cache away. No problem with cut back greenery this time, and it took a few panicky minutes to find my car keys after I dropped them

Last one before heading for home was Old Rectory Rapids, a fairly short walk and an easy find in a pretty Hampshire village. And then it was time to go home.

Oh, and an update – someone has now joined us following a Google search for “hiding in a bush”.

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