That, my chums, is the sound of a weekend flying past…I can’t believe it’s Sunday evening already. So much I’d planned to do and haven’t – fixing the shower, for example. Still, this weekend I have:

  1. Taken my Mum out for lunch, on account of it being her birthday. She had some nice presents, and some “silly” ones, which she also liked. Ooh, and she was dead chuffed with her handmade birthday card which I bought from a super on-line handmade crafts lady.
  2. Helped out at a youth event at church, featuring a concert by a group called TBC – they were sort of Christian Spice Girls, except they could sing. And dance. And were pretty. Not like the Spice Girls at all in fact. During the gig I was appointed first aid person, and had thankfully nothing to do. After the gig I was one of the crew taking the stage etc apart and putting the church back together, where there was sadly loads to do.
  3. Collected from Tescos, scanned and posted online, the pictures from the camera in my cache “Test Way 1″. You can see them by going to “My Caching Pages” and clicking on the linky “Pics” next to “Test Way 1″.
  4. Went to a Hospital Radio regional meeting in Gosport, where lots of things happened.
  5. While in Gosport, did 1 geocaches: The one I did properly was Birdies and Mashie Niblicks; I also picked up the clues for a multi-cache, I’ll go and do the final bit another day.
  6. Weighed myself and discovered that I’ve lost 2 whole stones since I started this healthy eating nonsense. That means I”m halfway to my provisional target. Had a two-finger KitKat to celebrate.
  7. Had an e-mail from a chum I’d not heard from for ages. It was addressed “Dear Jonathon”, but it still counts. Replied asking if she’d meant to send it to me.
  8. Not had an e-mail from another chum whom I’m now getting a bit concerned about…I could ring his girlfriend and find out what’s up, but I’m a bit frightened of what i might find out, if I’m honest

And that’s the story of my weekend. I think I’ll go for a snooze now.

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