Nice Thought

On Wednesday night when I was watching telly, a work colleague rang me asking for help: Her mother-in-law had been given a computer and she was trying to install software on it but it wouldn’t recognise the CD drive; could I help? Well, I gave a bit of advice and went back to “Danger on the Beach”.

Yesterday, Trina brought the computer in to work, on account of having had no luck, and I spent my lunchbreak sorting it out. It wasn’t a difficult job (not for someone as clever as me), it was just one of those jobs that drags on for ages.

Anyway, lunchtime today saw me in Trina’s office again (it’s the nearest peaceful place to sit to the canteen), and her in-law had sent me a box of Black Magic*! So in the unlikely event that you’re reading, Kay, thanks very much! Oh, and we also heard that a company who specialise in pick’n’mix sweets want to come and have a visit to our production site, so I volunteered to show them round…you never know how grateful they might be!

And now it’s the long bank holiday weekend, and I’m away to “isn’t-it land”** in the morning***. I’m not sure what internet access is available there****, so you may not hear from me again until Monday evening. I’m sure you’ll cope.

*Chocolate, that is. A box of voodoo dolls and shrunken heads wouldn’t have been a very nice thank-you present would it?

**South Wales

***In case any gentlemen with an interest in unauthorised house clearance are reading, I should stress that the house will still be occupied in my absence.

****In the house where I’m staying, not South Wales generally.

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