The Die is Cast

Well, that’s it – I’ve voted.

For better or worse – and for reasons I can’t now remember – I registered to vote by post before the last election, so I’ve done so this time as well. I don’t suppose it matters, I shouldn’t think that there’s anything anyone could have said to change my mind between now and next Thursday anyway, but this whole voting-by-post thing does seem to be a bit open to cock-up. Imagine a situation where all of the active supporters of party X in one constituency decided to vote by post, because they all know they’re going to be busy out canvassing on election day. The day before the election they all go to a rally, fall prey to something in the food, and 300 of them die of food poisoning – then the party X candidate wins by 299 votes. Would the second-placed candidate be entitled to appeal, on the reasonable grounds that 300 of his opponent’s votes were from people who were dead on election day, and therefore not entitled to vote? How about all the people who are due to appear in court between now and next week, and get sent to prison – they could all have voted postally, votes that none of them are actually entitled to.

I’m rambling aren’t I? I think I’ve spent to much time laying awake at night trying to dream up ways to persuade people not to vote Blair, and not enough sleeping.

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