Vote Winner

Simon commented last night that it was difficult to know who to vote for.

He’s right: It might surprise you all to read this, but of all the parties, I’d be most inclined to vote Labour, if only the Grinning Monkey wasn’t in charge. I really don’t think the country can take another term of his insane posturing, but with him out of the way, his party does have some good men and women who might be able to undo some of the damage he’s done to the country.

However, there’s no point dwelling on what might have been: The fact is that if Labour win, the Patronising Prat will be in charge again, so Labour isn’t an option. I suggested to Simon that the thing to do is not to look at the other parties’ policies, but to vote for the candidate in his constituency who stands the best chance of beating Labour: If everyone other than the Labour die-hards were to do that, it would result in a hung parliament1 where the parties would have to work together to make things happen, rather than taking cheap shots at one another while the Boy Tony railroads his idiot policies through.

If you think you might be a floating voter – or worse still, if you’re one of those who’re thinking of not voting because they’re all as bad as each other – here’s a few reasons why you might think of voting tactically to help deprive Tony B. Liar of a few MPs:

  • If you think that going into war in Iraq, just because America told us to, and telling lies to convince Parliament it was the right thing to do, is wrong.
  • If you think the NHS’s priorities for treatment should be set by doctors based on medical need, rather then managers aiming to hit targets
  • If you think the education system should enable every pupil to achieve their best, rather than lumping everyone together so the best get bored and the less-able struggle and eventually give up
  • If you think that foreign aid and assistance to refugees should be concentrated on those who really need it, rather than a scatter-gun “everyone gets a little” approach
  • If you think that “Criminal Justice” should be more about justice and less about criminals
  • If you think that Police should be out on the beat preventing crime, rather than sitting in offices doing paperwork

The sad fact we have to face is that on May 6th, the Arrogant A***hole will probably still be Prime Minister. But if by tactical voting, we can deprive him of a few MPs, thereby weakening his power base, we’ll have done something worthwhile.
If we can deprive him of enough MPs to force a hung parliament, we can make the party leaders work together for the benefit of the country rather than pursuing their own agenda – probably the best outcome that we can seriously hope for.
But if every single person who’s currently thinking of not voting, can be persuaded to turn out and vote tactically to rid the country of this odious, untruthful, image-obsessed, treacherous excuse of a Prime Minister once and for all, Friday May 6th could see him and his vile cronies – the thug Prescott, Money-Grabbing Mandelson and the rest – scuttling off into the obscurity they deserve.

1 Hung parliament, not hanged parliament. Although that’s not a bad idea, either.

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